Staying safe

What we’re doing to safely link volunteers to those in need of help.

We have the following golden rules which will be updated with advice received from relevant authorities as we receive it


Do not exchange money. If goods need collecting, they must be paid for directly by phone or online and left in an agreed place outside a property.


Do not have personal contact with anyone. Always follow the active social distancing policy and all guidance for volunteers issued by the authorities.


Do not enter a property. If someone needs help indoors, find the appropriate service who can help or report back to your administrator. If you have to go into a property for an emergency, please report it to your groups administrator who can record it on the specific request for help.


Do not accept a lift from anyone you don’t know. If travelling in a vehicle with someone who is not a friend or family, please ensure someone knows where you are going and who you are with. Please keep safe at all times.